Thursday, May 24, 2007

Anti-Gay Advocates Seem to Think That We Believe in the Stork

Peter LaBarbera writes a negative letter about Mary Cheney's new child. Of course, its guised up in "loving" language.

Special note: these days the anti-gay forces are not just ticked at gay people. They are now also ticked at non-gay people who show acceptance for gay people. Didn't take long for ALL of us to become "immoral", did it?

The letter shows his problem with those of us who have the nerve to think gay people are human: We are accused of ignoring and/or hiding the reality that gay people can't reproduce without technology.


Even though the social conservatives try to prevent anyone from knowing about sex (by demanding that teens, and now 29-year-olds, should only learn abstinence) I think that we all know that we-we into hole-hole gives conception and baby. The disagreement comes with whether that fact is grounds for denying gay people's human rights. We don't forbid infertile straight couples from having kids, or their right to marry and keep their job, so why gay people? You don't takes away someone's civil rights because you don't like their sex life. Imagine if we all did that.

Check dear Peter's letter on the pro-gay site, Good As You.

You'll get some critique of Mr Peter, as you'll expect.

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