Sunday, May 6, 2007

New Era!!!!!!!!!!!!

My First Universe is on Friendster. My Second was supposed to be here, it still seems to be, but I'll treat it like a frat boy treats his fridge. The third universe is on a dating site I won't tell just yet.

Welcome to my fourth attempt at selling the cause that is me.

I'll have more to say later, I need to get my clothes and stuff ready for my job tomorrow, but this is going to be jolly (for lack of a more ridiculous term)


brian rajan said...

glad you moved over to the public domain! 4th universe? it's all a bit confusing, but I'll trust you on this one.

brian rajan said...

I know. You're making a very subtle reference to your connection to the fourth estate, right? Oh you man of the people and the press!

H4736 said...

I didn't know that reference. I guess I'm witty without effort.