Thursday, June 14, 2007

Attempt to Ban Marriage in Massachusetts Goes Down in Flames

The opponents of gay marriage needed at least 50 votes to force a vote on whether or not gay people had the right to marry. In the end they only got 45...against 151. Fuk. It looks like the new gay-friendly governor is a HUGE improvement on Romney.

This is a smashingly joyful day for all the Massachusetts folks who busted their ass to save the marriage that just arrived four years ago. A firestorm of attention came when MA acknowledged that gays deserved the human right to marry. And the homophobes have been rushing for ballot measures ever since. Today, they are defeated. Of all the things to be voted on in 2008, the civil rights of gay citizens will not be one of them.

Gay is good, and so is the freedom to love, and the freedom to marry.

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