Monday, June 18, 2007

My Letter to CBS and FOX Entertainment

These two dipsh#ts
  • President and CEO of CBS Corporation Leslie Moonves
  • President of FOX Entertainment Peter Legory
Refused to air an ad promoting condom use. Apparently the networks that gave us such chaste shows like the OC, Temptation Island, and a Victoria Secret special thought that promoting responsible behaviour in the after-show recreation time would be inappropriate.

Planned Parenthood alerted me, and I thus used their editing tool to create my own letter,

thus so:

You have sexual content, but think responsible sexual behavior an "inappropriate" topic?

All I want to know: which religious group is threatening you?

The FOX statement, "Contraceptive advertising must stress health-related uses rather than the prevention of pregnancy,"

And, what do you think contraception is for? Ask your unmarried workers. I'm not sure their still virgins.

Of course that's too private to ask. But don't you think its time to just admit that we all, more or less, have sex and use contraception? It's basic responsibility and we all know it whether we talk or not. No one's asking for details of the bedroom behavior. Just stop this PAINFUL pretending that we're not having sex and using contra. I know religious nutballs have a loud voice. Your probably getting threatened left and right. But if you can say no to US, why not to THEM?

Please stop blushing. We're all adults here. And adults use condoms and contraception if they choose to have sex.

-------end of letter

If you want to tell those doofuses to treat us like adults - and stop murdering kids with ignorance - see here

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