Tuesday, July 24, 2007

John Edwards, My New Penpal?

After this:
Question: John Edwards and marriage equality

I wrote this to John Edwards' campaign site:

To John Edwards:
I haven't made up my mind yet. Still taking time. But I want to say that I appreciate your sincere and balanced response on the question of gay people's freedom to marry.

You expressed a very honest vulnerability. You are conflicted, and admited you opposed gay marriage. Alright. I fully support equal marriage for gay people. So, yes we each take the opposite belief. But what I like is that you admitted your internal conflict out loud. I know you care about all Americans civil rights, gay or straight, rich or poor. And you stood, in face of your internal struggle, committed to not imposing your personal faith beliefs on the American people. You stood and you stand, committed to look beyond yourself and your beliefs, even while they have strong and positive meaning for you.

Thank you for this integrity.

And for everything you have done, and will do, for this country, whether influenced by your faith or not, I thank you.

But I'm still deciding ;)

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