Friday, September 28, 2007

House Democrats Threaten to Exclude Transgender People from ENDA

Citing "pragmatics", House Democrats are altering the Employment Non-Discrimination Act so that it will include gays, but exclude transgender people.

This is a horrible strategy to divide our community, regardless of well-intentions. Transgender people are some of the most persecuted members of the GLBT community and they need this if they want to keep their jobs.

Garden State Equality astounded me when they emailed their intention to oppose ENDA if it kicked out the trans community. To oppose that which we fought so hard for - never a more shining example of solidarity and integrity.

Regardless of our differences, and this community has vast array, we all face a common enemy that wants us back in the closet, and back to a time when intolerance was the unquestioned, unconconscious norm. Sorry bigots, ain't happening on our watch.

Other mainstream gay groups have taken similar stands, including the National Gay and Lesbian Task force. I'll most likely make my usual random calls to Senators, with this new twist.

Please sign the petition demanding full inclusion in ENDA. Anything less makes this bill a lie.


teegee61 said...

Truly tragic and enraging but, of course, not surprising. Those most in need of protection are always the most exploited. The question is, will the LGBT community rise to protect the those most in need of protection or cut them off for the "greater good"?

H4736 said...

These days I feel futile about it, but proud of the stance of United ENDA. Almost all groups signed on to say, "Everyone or nothing".

Do you feel this is worth celebrating, or did United ENDA come up too short?