Saturday, December 15, 2007

Religious People More Suppotive of Marriage Equality, Once They Know We're Not Out To Get Them

One of the biggest lies spread by the opponents of marriage equality is that once its legal, churches will be forced to have and bless gay weddings.

This is false.

The First Amendment already protects religious groups from accepting things they don't want, even if the state has already accepted it. Separation of church and state, my friend.

And several of these proposed bills have explicit sections saying that religious groups - churches, denominations, synagogues, temples - will not be required to sanction gay weddings in any way.

This has always been the movement's credo. We want marriage equality as sanctioned by government, not by church. The government already sanctions different-sex marriage. Churches will do what they want, as before.

When people realize this non-threat, they get more supportive:

Light lines
represent initial support for marriage
Dark lines represent support when people are assured that their religious group won't be required to copy state law.


Janine said...

It’s sad that people fall for these lies in the first place. I hope that this supportive trend grows and leads to meaningful change in the laws very soon.

H4736 said...

Step by step, janine. Remember to vote!