Thursday, December 20, 2007

RH Reality Loves Me (They Told Me So...)

For the comments I write as Harry834 on RH Reality Check, I got this email from Emily Douglas:

Hi Harry,

I'm writing from RH Reality Check, wanting to thank you for the amazing job you do commenting on our site. With a small -- three person! -- staff, it's hard for us to respond to all the commenters on our stories, and it is just so, so helpful to have you responding to some of the skeptics, those opposed to choice and supporting our writers and community members. Your comments are terrifically insightful, on point and unfailingly constructive. I know I speak for all of RH Reality Check when I say thank you for all you bring to our community!

Please be in touch if there are other ways we can collaborate!

All best,
Emily Douglas.

I was debating with my brain on whether I should post it, only because I felt my brain might be getting too much headspace. But, oh well, it's jacuzzi time in my cranium!

Just to remind you, I don't work for RH Reality - I'm just a commentor like the others. But apparently I've done a smart job.

See? Bloggers can be intelligent!

Check ME out.

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