Sunday, January 13, 2008

See a Homeless in the Cold, Make the Call

If you live in DC, call: 1-800-535-7252

If you live elsewhere, I'd suggest 911, but I bet you could find a number like the one above.

** I think that you don't have to wait till they show up, just give the address (look at building numbers) and say "she's lying under the Mazi Pizza store" or something. The number I call just asks for a brief description, "blue jeans, brown jacket" - nothing long. And there doesn't seem to be a mile of people lying so there's no chance of a "mix-up" (stupid joke).

Please stop walking by, and call. Speed dial.

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Impossible Jane said...

I agree that we should call for help but I live in Providence RI and I am sure the police won't show up. If we don't stop and insist that the police show up they won' least in Providence. However I am happy that I work for a homeless organization that does regular pick ups.