Friday, February 8, 2008

Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, and the Possibility of a Gay Presidential Candidate (Not now but in our lifetimes)

What?! A gay candidate for President of the United States?!? Harry, are you trying to kill the movement?!?!!

No, I'm trying to suggest possibilities, the kind that require years of prep - but we need to start NOW.

Author Wayne Besen, argues that's how we got Barack Obama. By having Jesse Jackson as our test subject when he ran for President. A way of letting America get exposure to something it was very, very afraid of: the idea of a black person running for president. Of course he was doomed to fail. But he paved a wave of lessening discomfort in the minds of a very uncomfortable America. That combined with other advances in black rights and acceptance brought out today's real world example of a black man being talked about as if he were already president.

Besen says, we need our gay Jesse Jackson to pave the way for our gay Obama, who is probably out there, in elementary school, ready to show his killer science fair project tomorrow.

I actually was sick and faint the day I had to give my project. My mom had to take me home, but I digress.

Check Besen out

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