Monday, May 19, 2008

Conservatives hate political correctness...unless they create it

When you think political correctness, you think liberal fascism, right?

Well, it looks like conservatives also demand verbal purity.

Political correctness, conservative style: the bashing of Michelle Obama (for no good reason)

Tennessee Republican Party airs an ad which triggered Obama to say "lay off my wife"

The ad makers are implying that Michelle Obama is condemnable because she said this in a speech:

"For the first time in my adult life, I am proud to be an American"

Now, I support criticisms of any candidate's spouse, if s/he has been out advocating themself. And Michelle has.

But the criticism should be based on something important.

The hoopla over the above statement is trivial. It is certainly no reason to fear Obama's presidency.

In the ad, we hear several people answering the question "when are you proud to be an American?"

As you can guess, we see people waxing poetic and talking about America in perfect, idealistic terms.

"I've always been proud of this country"

"I'm proud every time I see the flag"

It's as if there was a penalty for saying anything else.

I wonder if I said:

"I'm proud of America after lunch, but not after breakfast"

That's a tounge-in-cheek joke, but apparently Republicans require their own version of politically correct language.

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