Thursday, May 1, 2008

Katha Pollitt Asks: Why Doesn't McCain Denounce His Pastor?

For all the drama about Wright, Katha Pollitt reminds us that Obama isn't the only one with a crazy religious friend:

---By repudiating Wright Tuesday, Obama missed a chance to call on McCain to turn away from his own problematic clerical helpers. McCain still welcomes the endorsement of the televangelist John Hagee, who has famously attributed Hurricane Katrina to God's wrath at homosexuals, calls the Catholic church "the great whore," claims the Koran commands Muslims to kill Jews and Christians, condemns the Harry Potter books as witchcraft, and wants a world war over Israel, whose most aggressive settlement policies he vigorously supports, because it will precipitate the Second Coming of Christ.----(from Katha's article)

Stephen Colbert brought up another point: Why hasn't the Catholic community, Republicans included, left the Catholic Church which has molested children without consequence?

Since the Republicans claim that a good person will leave a bad church, then it seems a fair question to ask.

Will any conservative Catholic answer?

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