Thursday, May 29, 2008

A pro-lifer who is "proud" of being a hypocrite debates the points in my blog on murder

Wow, my fame is growing. The third commenter, Tanya, on my post on pro-life hypocracy has written a response on her own blog, ProWomanProLife.

Here she responds, "Hypocrite, and proud of it".

I already wrote a comment as my screenname "Harry834". My first point was challenging her point that women should not be imprisoned because they need "time for change" in the same way that cell phone drivers need time for change after a cell phone ban has taken place.

Her logic is this: people are highly accustomed to driving with a cell phone. That is why when Quebec banned the practice in April 1st, they also decided to wait until July 1st to deliver penalties. So there is a thre month period of no penalties - only warnings - until the people adjust their habits.
I agree that this grace period is a wise way to help people cope with change.

However, I don't know why murderers should get a similar grace period.

That was my first comment. Let's see what she says.

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MellanKelly said...

Apparently it is her estimation that in addition to being ignorant victims of our "abortion-advocating society", women are also feeble minded as evidenced by her insistence that women believe that "[an] abortion evacuates a blob of tissue" which appears to be an inference that women are not aware of human reproduction. Does she believe that these women are unaware of the fact that after nine months of pregnancy and the labor/birth process a baby would have been born? The leap from cell phones to "murder" appears to be quite a grand one, doesn't it? Besides, I thought ignorance was no excuse for breaking the law in this country.