Thursday, August 28, 2008

John Kerry's speech

Sometimes the secret to victory is taking your best players and rearranging their field positions. Obama and Kerry are doing things in this convention that far surpass their once-awesome efforts in the 2004 Boston event.

Some points...

Kerry mentions Guantanamo and torture

Thank you, Kerry, for calling for the end of Guantanomo and the Bush government's policy of torture.

Like Biden, he made a "Freudian slip" of mixing up McCain and Bush

Senator McCain vs Candidate McCain

Kerry goes through a litany of the ways that McCain has deviated from his purported maverek ways. Once a voice of independent reason, he peddles the Bush-mindset as his platform.

"Talk about being for it, before you're against it! Before he debates Obama, John McCain must
stop the debate with himself."

Once a target of Karl Rove, McCain profits from such fear attacks on his opponents.

"Experience", defined by the Republicans, is an empty word

"What matters is judgment and character, not years in the Senate or on this Earth"

Obama's foreign policy cred, character, and patriotism is self-evident.

Obama's uncle is an old white guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"To the merchants of fear: You don't decide who loves this country, you don't decide who's service matters and who doesn't...that flag belongs to no ideology or party, it belongs to all of us"

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