Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Unexpected victory: MD high court rules that anti-trans ballot measure ain't happening


Recap: Maryland's county of Montgomery had passed a law to stop discrimination against transgender people in employment, housing, public accomadations. It was voted by the Montgomery county council, but prejudiced groups tried to get a ballot measure in November to overturn the law. The LGBT groups, led by Basic Rights Montgomery (BRM), tried a court case to prevent the ballot measure from going. I volunteered to read through the petitions to look for errors that could stop the ballot measure.

The first court case lost us. BRM went forward with plan B: a voter campaign to get folks to vote "no" on the ballot measure. I volunteered some for phonebanking and on-the-street recruitment. I thought all talk of court cases was done.

I was delightfully wrong.

The high court just saved us a two month stress run. We can focus on other election missions: like protecting the marriage victory in California (ballot measure, going forward), stopping Florida's anti-marriage amendment (measure), and...

ELECTING OBAMA/BIDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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