Tuesday, October 7, 2008

California's fight to protect marriage needs YOUR help!!!

An email telling me of some bad polls our side is receiving. Equality California is sounding the call for donations.

Even 20-30 dollars is good. Please, please GIVE! We can't let these sore-loser assholes take away our latest victory!

The social conservatives have NOTHING to offer this election, and MUCH to lose. We hear it everywhere. Economy, the war, the environment - take your pick - they're losing. So they're throwing imaginary fear to rile up and confuse people.

Their newest lie is that the marriage equality will take away tax-exempt status for churches. It's false. But it's spreading and having and effect of 5 poll points.

But this small shift started only recently. WE can nip it in the ass.

Give whatever you can

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