Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Celebrations everywhere in the DC streets

I should know - those streets are outside my house.

People marching to the white house. I think I'm done though. But not without digesting an overload of euphoria on the streets of my neighborhood. Honks, screams, high-fives from strangers - SMILES!

I got some home work to finish, but not too much. Going to buy a soda. As of now, California's two measures, Prop 8 and the parental notification, are still undecided, with 23-26% reporting.
But in other states:

Bad news on LGBT equality: Marriage has been banned for gay people: Arizona, Florida (not official, but getting there). So has adoption: Arkansas.

Good news on abortion rights: The explicit ban in South Dakota has failed, as has the attempted ban on abortion AND birth control that was in the form of a legal re-definition of life beginning at conception ("The Human Life Amendment", lost 73 to 27 and deserved it!). The reason I (and many other groups) say this could have banned birth control is because the medical definition of pregnancy is NOT fertilization, but IMPLANTATION of the fertilized egg. This definition is based on the actual even that is DEFINABLE by any standard pregnancy test. There is NO test that tells when an egg is fertilized prior to its implantation. Pregnancy begins at implantation, which takes place after fertilization.

That these bastards sought to target women at the earliest stage of pregnancy casts doubt on their purported concern over late-term abortion. If they can't or won't acknowledge the difference between a microscopic fertilized egg and the bloody fetuses they carry around, can we really take their admonitions at face value?

Though it should be said that late-term abortions do not happen for the casual, homocidal reasons that the anti-abortionists think pregnant women have. Women have these abortions because something had gone wrong with a pregnancy that they wanted to bring to term. By something wrong, I mean something that threatens the woman's life or health, or possibily that of the baby within her. One mother aborted one of her twin babies because that was the only way to save one of them from dying. Another mother aborted a baby that was going to die upon childbirth anyway, and possibly suffer before death as well. Neither of these women are the callous, heartless murderers of children that anti-abortionists imagine, but it is these sick imaginings of anti-abortionists that are the guiding images and thoughts in those that make these so called "partial birth" abortion bans.

So I'm glad that South Dakota and Colorado beat those measures. They've preserved women's ability to make their own medical decisions without the complaints of screamers outside or even Presidential candidates, like John McCain who used finger quotes when speaking about the "health" of the mother.

Glad Obama won

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