Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Live blogging done

A good time.

Some ballot measure results:

Califirnia's ban on same-sex marriage - not voted yet

Colorado's attempt to define life as starting at conception - failed, not called but with 8% reporting 74% said NO! Yay!!!!!!

Arkansas' ban on gay adoption - 59% say yes. Not called, but Fuk.

Florida ban on same-sex marriage - not called, but 62% said yes. Fukkers. And still too close to call for Obama or McCain.

It ain't a party without the bastard child of '00.

Michigan has voted 62% to allow medical marijuana. Not an issue I'm working in, but as long as people get their health, I'm happy.

South Dakota - abortion ban (with rape exception, though claimed to be unusuable by pro-choice groups) - 55% say no. Yay!

Arizona ban on same-sex marriage (they tried this shit in 2006, they lost, the only state that did). Right no, no results yet.

Essentially everything I listed is a not called. But the numbers seem very decisive, though I wish we had more than 55 for South Dakota.

I'm HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY that Colorado is not turning fertilized eggs into citizens. It means that women shall remain citizens (rather than state-forced incubators for these would-be microscopic "constituents")

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