Monday, November 3, 2008

Mormons and Same Sex Marriage: While many support California's ban, a vocal opposition is there

An NPR gave the story: Mormons divided on same-sex marriage

One of my favorite paragrahs is this one:

"While many Mormons have heeded the call from their elders to contribute generously, knock on doors and staff the phone banks in support of Proposition 8 [ban on same-sex marriage], individuals such as Laura Compton have been vocal in their dissent."

One married heterosexual mom started a website,, for Mormons who support same-sex marriage, or at least oppose bans on same-sex marriage.


cynthia said...

Well, the great state of Utah was created so Mormons, who were being persecuted for wanting to have a "non-traditional" way to marry, could have freedom to practice polygamy.
Glad they remember that so well. Yeah, I know that only the fringe Mormons want polygamy, but still, try to understand your history a little bit.
Thanks Mormons, for the great state of Utah and for 3% beer and for being so ironically intolerant.

H4736 said...

Speak it, sister (or sista)