Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My political concerns tonight...

While Shakira's shaking it on my stereo, I'll tell you my issues.

Aside from ensuring Obama's victory + landslide, I also want California's Prop 8 to die. Proposition 8 is the attempt to take away our victory in the California Supreme Court which affirmed that the equal protection clause includes gay people, in ALL California's laws, including the law of marriage, which is entirely secular.

Last I checked, people don't need their priest's/rabbi's/swami's approval to sign a marriage liscence. They go to clerk's office, write their info in the blanks, clerk verifies, that's it. Maybe marriage shouldn't be a legal category at all. Maybe everyone, gay and straight, should have civil unions. But whatever name you call it, you can't justify a law which includes straight couples and excludes gay couples. You have some 'splainin to do. They tried to explain, and they failed. Now they're being dicks about it, because it's more polite than being the assholes they really are.

I thank these dicks for showing that restraint. But I hope they lose.

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