Saturday, December 20, 2008

Having doubts about the Rick Warren fight...

Even though I put a petition up on my blog, I'm having doubts on whether it's worth the fight. He's not going to preach his anti-gay views, and this isn't about legislation. Pissing off Christians over this seems off to me.

Other gay activists who share that opinion? Andrew Sullivan, Chris Crain, (Citizen Crain). The truth is, it was reading Chris's work that brought me back to this position. I also wonder how far we can "ban" these guys from speaking, though it may not be a constitutional issue. It is a fact that Rick wouldn't be here if he said this crap about blacks or Jews. So in this sense, yes, Rick's presence shows that we're still only half-way in condemning bigotry. He compared gay relationships to incest and bestiality. Sick fuk, even Chris agrees.

But that pretty much what most/many of these evangelicals believe. Too many population to kick to KKK country.

I do think it's awesome that Hilary Rosen and Rob Zimmerman went on CNN to condemn him. Rob even said he supports gay's right to marry. Perhaps its only because he can afford to? Oh well.

This year (and a half), the top federal priority are the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act and ENDA. They must be TRANS-inclusive. No excuses. Pick the right time, go forward, do NOT take out gender identity. By August of next year, strides should be mostly made.

Despite my doubts on the Warre fight, I am curious to know how many gay AND straight people will petition and protest his presence. Facebook has a group on getting rid of him.

Do what you will, just know that I have my issues

*** It is worth noting that Obama has stated that he disagrees with Rick's views on LGBT issues, even though he invited him to speak. Also another pastor will be speaking: one who SUPPORTS equality. So we are getting a pro-justice pastor.

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Davidlee said...

Put it this way if in the 50's and 60's a preacher was vocal and aggressive on a national level preaching the popular bigoted theory that interracial relationships were on par with bestiality...unnaturalness, pedophilia, contaminating the gene pool and said they should be was a popular belief at the time from social conservatives
and lets say Obama's mother lived in a neighborhood where they bought heavily into that belief that what she did was a sin and unnatural... and she had to walk the street of said neighborhood to get home...daily... at night.

and the President at the time gave the honor of the National prayer at what might be the most viewed event in the history of the world... to oversee the morality of the new governmetn taking place... to have that honor and creedence even after they give the prayer to back their words and teachings...

what do you think Obama would do?

and let's say Obama himself campaigned for said president in those same neighborhoods ...knocking on doors and going to places that he should not have been...risking...much...all in the name of electing a man who promised equality ...Obama debated very bad people who had bigotry for even said president...

for 2 years...daily.

I did that...and I am gay.

Going to back woods New hampshire arguing with people who I have no doubt by the way they tralked about Obama and his being "black" in such terms...if they realized who i was (a few occasions that look) if they could get away with it would have no sooner or given a second thought to putting a bullet in the back of this faggots head and burying me in the woods somehwere if they wouldn't be found out... on those dark back woods roads in New hampshire...for two years.

so..yes it is important... I ask you what would Obama do in this situation when that same president said "we need to reach out" and put the bigot in such a legitimized and honored place to give future speeches on the issue.

otherwise...can you spell hypocrisy?