Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tomorrow, Dec 10, Day Without a Gay

Learn about it here.

In a nutshell the goal is:

- don't buy anything
- call in "gay" to work (or "gay-supportive")
- don't use internet, TV, radio, phone
- take at least $80 out of your account and keep it in your pocket (or safe at home) the whole day

If you can't do all, do the most that you can.

I plan on taking out $80, not buying stuff, no TV, no radio. Internet and phone are hard, but we'll see. Perhaps someone can abstain from phone/internet for me?

Oh well, let's pump up the non-buying power and show that gays (and their growing masses of straight allies) are a HUGE part of the workforce and economy. Can you really afford to be without us? Let's find out...

The Human Rights Campaign has created it 2009 edition of its yearly "Buying for Equality" guide, which tell which stores have LGBT-friendly policies and which don't. Includes transgender rights in its criteria.

Learn about it here. And download it here.

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