Monday, February 23, 2009

A former pro-lifer tells us what we need to know about the pro-life mind

Whether or not a mind (ie brain) can be changed is a case-by-case determination. It is often very uncertain. But Josh Truitt gives some insight: "Growing up pro-life"

Quotes from the Comments:

Amanda Marcotte: "Experience is something we consider valuable in every walk of life except in that which has the most direct impact on your happiness---who you share your life and bed with. When it comes to that, we're supposed to assume it's better to be a naive babe in the woods?" (emphasis mine)

ahunt: "Once, I sat in snotty judgment of pregnant women who did not minutely and slavishly devote themselves to their pregnancies...and then two consecutive stillbirths taught me just how full of shit I was. Once, I believed that women were responsible for the sexuality of men...luckily this rubbish bit the dust looong before #1 son hit puberty."

Anonymous ("negative experience ---> ban"?): "Women who have had negative experiences with abortion should be acknowledged, and their feelings respected. They are not any less (nor more) of a woman, or good mother, or human being for what they have gone through...[But] A discussion of some womens' negative abortion experiences, however, becomes intellectually dishonest when it is used as a pretext for denying all women the right to abortion...anymore than some kids' negative high-school experiences are an argument for banning high schools..." (emphasis mine)

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