Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We did nothing: A kid was sexually harrassed by classmates and teachers, and no one helped her

Damn. This is wrong, and this is a lesson:

They Came With My Body

I want to believe teen boys can learn better, that they can be taught to step in. But it should be EVERYBODY stepping in.


"And, of course, apart from the unpleasant comments themselves, a lengthy disparaging stare speaks a thousand vitriolic words. "

"Women’s magazines are full of tips on how to 'make the most of your assets.' In trashy chick-lit novels, the protagonist with whom we are supposed to identify always has small ones. Because there is an assumption that all women want bigger breasts, women who actually do have big breasts are assumed to be in a state of extreme smugness. And because it’s entirely unacceptable for a woman to be happy with her appearance, anyone with big tits needs taking down a peg or two, the conceited bitch."

"I have always thought, even as a child, that small and medium-sized breasts were more attractive than large ones. But were it not for the judgements, the harassment, the objectification and the pure hatred that my breasts have caused me, they’d be no different from my short legs or my frizzy hair – something that I’d change if it were easy to do so, but which doesn’t really bother me."

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