Friday, April 24, 2009

Clear condemnation of hate violence makes people feel safer

Condemnation is a bigger virtue than we give it credit for. Autumn Sandeen, a main reporter for the Angie Zapata trial writes:

"...I was afraid before when I came to Greeley. Leaving, I'm afraid no more. The people here in this town were nothing but wonderful to me, and the convictions by the jury told me that Greeley, Colorado doesn't tolerate hate violence against in their backyard. That the Greeley Police Department did such a thorough job in investigating this case, and that that the Weld County District Attorney's office fought so vigorously for a First Degree Murder and Bias Motivated Crime conviction sends me the message that this city is going to fight to keep me safe.

I'm going to think of Greeley Colorado as my second home -- I feel welcome here."

Read more about prosecutor responses here.

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