Saturday, April 4, 2009

School bullying causes suicide

Which makes bullies murderers and the adults and teachers, who look the other way, enablers of this murder.

Eliminate bullycide.

To see how far adults will enable bullys, check this comment:

"A few weeks ago I brought up this subject around a group of straight people that were friends of mine. When I mentioned how awesome I thought it was that they were considering this program, they all jumped down my throat. They told me kids just need to have thicker skins. That bullying helps shape their live, because of what they have learned.

After explaining, all the suicides and depression that went along with bullying, they still would not budge on the subject. If my friends that love me won't change their views, then the freepers never will either.

It is indeed a sad world we live in.

Randy "

Method of murder: induced suicide. Motive of murder: "tough love"

It's so great to learn that the monsters are closer and less obvious than we imagine them. Rarely is it a Snidely Whiplash, twirling his moustache and embracing evil. No, the monsters are usually otherwise good people with their own view of "meaning well".

If we can't change them, we NEED the laws and school policies to ensure that their views do not take away the human and civil rights of our kids to have a safe learning environment.

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