Friday, June 26, 2009

50 U.S. House Democrats are undecided on ENDA - click below to email them

Go get 'em: "Click here"

What is ENDA?

ENDA - the Employment Non Discrimination Act - is a bill that would ban discrimination in the public and private workplace, specifically discrimination based on sexual orientation (gays, bisexuals) and gender identity (transgender people). This bill has been laying around for years, and much of that time it was "sexual oriention" alone. The gay leaders were scared of adding "gender identity", they were scared of showing open support for the most different-appearing members of the community (transgender people) but the modern ENDA includes both categories.

In 2007, after the Dems won the majority, a conflict did arise over keeping "gender identity" in. Bush was still President, and everyone feared his veto pen which he used far, far, far more frequently at this time. There was a huge intra-community fight, with my old workplace, National Center Transgender Equality, taking sides against the mainstream LGBT rights group, the Human Rights Campaign, which chose to side with the sexual orientation-only idea. In the end, this gay-only bill had a successful vote in the House, but was eventually killed in the process.

We NOW have a chance, with President Obama, to pass an all-inclusive, including-of-BOTH-categories ENDA. But we need these 50 Dems to wake the hell up.

Email them.

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