Monday, July 13, 2009

While "Heroes" is off-season, enjoying "Listener"...and a special episode

It's only been about 6 episodes into this new fave show of mine, but already they took on something I didn't expect: an episode on transgender teens and homelessness.

The Listener is about a telepathic paramedic (like "Heroes", but it's just one guy). One episode, "Lisa Says", the telepath (Toby Logan) was helping a runaway boy in a gang. We later find the reason the boy, Daniel, ran away is beacause he used to be a girl named Lisa, and his mother couldn't accept the transition. Toby actually felt bad once he realized that Daniel was trying to find a place of acceptance, just as Toby (who doesn't know his full origin).

I enjoyed the episode, AND how they didn't create the standard artificial happy ending where the mother would accept the son. That's not how it works. And I was happy to see how Pam's House took notice.

For full episode, click the following link, and select episode 105 "Lisa Says": link

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