Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sent this email to public option-opponent Senator Orrin Hatch

Dear Senator Hatch,

Yesterday on Lou Dobbs Tonight, you debated Bernie Sanders and said that the public option would have an unfair advantage in competing with private plans because the government has "unlimited resources" in (what I assume) is the selling of this option. I need moe explanation of these "unlimited resources" seeing that the government is in so much debt, and that spending and collecting tax money has to be debated every step of the way, and that private health insurerers have so much money to give to Congresspeople for lobbying. Are you sure it's not the private insurerers who have "unlimited resources"?

I'm looking forward to having some light shed on these very challenging issues.

H--------- (put my real name in actual email)


If you want to send your own email to Senator Hatch, here's the link to the fill-it-in webform or his phone and mailing for his three offices.

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