Wednesday, October 21, 2009

WWII veteran speaks about marriage equality

With just 12 days before citizens of Maine decide to reject or accept the decision of the state legislature to end discrimination in marriage, many are speaking out.

Here is a video message from a lifelong Republican, WWII veteran, Phillip Spooner.

He supports marriage equality.

Update (Thur, 10/22, 4:04PM): I found a link to this video on you tube, with people's comments including words by anti-gay commentor screenamed "ChrisIIIcube". There's no pint in trying to change his mind, but here are some of the pro-equality commentors rebutting Chris:

fuzzyprism : So, now a decorated 86-year-old who served our country with his life and saw the atrocities of war and prejudice is a "drama queen," ChrisIII?

I would say "give up" but really, you're very amusing. I remember once passing a pet store where a monkey swung by his tail, banging his head against the plexiglass wall over and over again. Give that monkey internet access and I'd be hard-pressed to tell you two apart.

busterholzapfel: Its just mind boggling how many hate filled, ignorant, uneducated people the U. S. produces. It is no wonder that it is a nation that is going down the sewer. I feel bad for great men like Mr. Spooner, he is witnessing the self destructt. of a society that once held such hope and promise. America has turned Satan in God and used Christianity as a means to spread evil. But then Jesus warned us of these sheep in wolves clothing and their blindness. God bless the few truly holy people left there.

janicepsu: love is not abnormal. there isn't one way to love. thank you philip spooner for your service and also for understanding that if we treat even one group as second-class citizens, we are laughing in the face of the constitution

DrArthurFrederickIde: Homosexuality is genetic--people are born gay. All people have a right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" and happiness is not defined but inclusive in the USA Constitution. To deny gays and lesbians equality is to make the USA Constitution a lie and worthless document, and denies that there is democracy in the USA. Those who oppose equal rights are more than bigots--they are mental fascists, and I regret that I served the military for 15 years if this bigotry continues.


Keep fighting...

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