Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Comments on Pam's Blend respond to Obama's Afghanistan decision

Pam's House Blend is a site started by Pam Spaulding, an African-American lesbian blogger, where she and other bloggers talk about issues relevant to LGBT rights, racial justice, and progressive issues in general. In the following post, Obama's speech is transcribed (warning, it's long, scroll down alot), and below the commentors start.

Really there is a diversity of opinions. My experience is that most commentors on the site have a negative opinion about Barack regarding his slowness on LGBT rights issues. But on this issue of Afghanistan, I see more of a mix. There are some who say we need to be there.

Remember to scroll down the long Obama speech in order to see the comment thread. Click here.

Update (2:54P): Joan Walsh on Salon says that progressives have only themselves to blame.

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