Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Should ERs give a blastocyst the same care as the rape victim?

I should have a link to what a blastcyst looks like, but anti-abortion (but pro-birth control) Paul Bradford is already saying about rape victims in the ER:

"What is hard for me -- and it really is hard -- is your comment that the blastocyst isn't showing up at the ER. Where on earth do you think the blastocyst is? The blastocyst is most assuredly showing up at the ER and the blastocyst is most assuredly vulnerable to physical assault -- in fact, physical assault in the ER is imminent for the blastocyst if her/his mother is given mifepristone....Clearly we disagree on the question of whether a blastocyst is as deserving of our care and concern as a rape victim is -- but the disagreement isn't because I care less about rape victims than you do because I care a great deal more than you know. Our disagreement is rooted in the fact that you care less about blastocysts than I do -- a position I find extremely curious since you yourself were once a blastocyst."

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