Monday, February 1, 2010

The best of Amanda Marcotte (in the past month or so)

She's an awesome pro-choice blogger.

What she believes: pro-lifers are less concerned about protecting "unborn children" than they are about punishing women for having sex. This explains why pro-life organizations are often anti-contraception and anti-sex ed (unless it's abstinence-only). She has considered the possibility of pro-lifers who might not be so anti-woman, who are merely "naive" who haven't thought through the issues - and the women - who are affected by anti-abortion laws and philosophy.

She also believes that a reason so many pro-lifers call for adoption is that they want a market for white babies. The links that follow don't touch much on that issue. But try a Google search "amanda marcotte unruh we want more babies" and you may read more on that issue.

Also, she like many pro-choicers, object to the idea of pro-lifers being called "pro-lifers", especially since she believes that they truly hate life.

Why she believes it: Below is a snipet of the blog posts she had written in recent days. It doesn't touch on all the issues, but it may explain some, mostly about anti-choicers.

101 Reasons Not to Have an Abortion

What If My Mother Had Aborted Me?

Celebrating Choice: The New Fad Among Anti-Choicers

The Stupak anti-abortion health care bill is about fear of women's agency

Pseudo-science and Pseudo-sympathy in the abortion and breast cancer debate

Scott Roeder is guilty. Now what?

Well at least he's admitted to being opposed to contraception

Mystery of right-wing freak out

Something a little older...from Jan 29, 2008:

Fear of a My Space Planet

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