Saturday, June 2, 2007

Are the Winds of Politics Defining (and Redefining) Manhood Wherever They Blow?

Either that or the media is creating trends like they did with the buildup to the Iraq war, when no mainstream reporter seemed to print anythoing besides "lets get them". How'd that go?

Blogger "Terrance DC" writes on Pam's House Blend of how the American male is being defined and/or evolving with the changing political times. Read here: "Masculinity 2.0"

But, Terrance writes about more than politics. He talks about manhood in the general society. What makes a "real man"? A "good man"? The alpha male often gets the former title, while the beta male gets the latter. There are hints in the post that the beta male is starting to get more societal embracement. We are drifting away from the macho, John Waynes and more towards a man more deferential, more modest, less hung up on "proving himself". Laid back might be a good description. Al Gore is given as an example of a beta male who is now embraced as a celebrity, and even his former boss, Bill Clinton is taking cue from him. Talk about deference!

Of course, all these hints could just be a media constructed fantasy, a trend created rather than observed. The media is just as inclined in creating reality as they are in describing it, with many saying that creation is the higher priority sometimes. Gotta give us drama to get ratings.

But don't take my word for it,

Masculinity 2.0

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