Monday, June 4, 2007

Latest Health Care Disaster: Anti-Gay Conversion Therapist Nominated For Surgeon General

FYI: "Conversion therapy" is an attempt by many right-wing ministries, and some "secular" groups, to try to make gay people straight. Presented as psychological thaerapy, it is really psychological abuse. Every real health organization condemns it as unnecessary, unethical, and mentally harmful, because psychology recognizes that being gay is not a mental illness and thus shouldn't be treated like one. And then there are the stories of gay people driven to depression and suicide because they tried and failed at the impossible task that these liars say "happens every day". Worse yet, teenagers are being forced in by their parents.

I bring this up because Bush's recent apointment to Surgeon General is a man who set up a conversion camp in Kentucky. His name is Dr James Holsinger, and there is currently a campaign by anti-conversion activist Wayne Besen. At his site "Truth Wins Out", he calls on the need to call Senators to vote down this horrible psychological traumatizer who has no business leading the nation's doctors.

See Besen's call for action.

And call your Senators. Reach the switchboard here: (202) 224-3121, and ask for the Senator of your choice.

The vote will start with the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions committee, led by Ted Kennedy. Also three of the presidential Dem candidates are there:

Barack Obama - (202) 224-2854,

Hillary Clinton - (202) 224-4451

Christopher Dodd - (202) 224-2823

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