Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dennis Kucinich on Taxes: Observe, Learn, and Be Open to Change

A pasted quote from Kucinich's website:

"The Clinton period tax rates for the most affluent should be returned, while the tax cuts for those earning less than $405,000 a year should be maintained, for now, until we see how the economy fares."

Nutshell: Willing to allow for tax increase, and if things look good enough, he might try more tax increase. This is fearless thought that realizes that America benefits from taxes, no matter what mainstream politics tells us. Our world, our infrastructure, is built from our commonwealth and paying whatever we can afford is a proud contribution.

Hopefully things will get better to give more, but initially tiny, tax increases for the less rich. Wait and see, all options on the table. That is American strength.

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