Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Maryland Supreme Court Upholds The Prohibition on Marriage

After months of waiting and anticipating, the Maryland Supreme Court has ruled to uphold the current prohibition on gay people's freedom to marry.

While these court decisions always give me a sad reminder of societal slowness, I don't want to call for an all out attack on the judges. I'm not ready to condemn them, as I think they might be trapped in the job of interpreting laws that show not enough signs to help us. I'm wondering how good these doubts are.

In any case, I do want to see some legislative action. State Supreme Court cases are hard, though New Jersey's court ruled quite favorably...well, almost.

One criticism: hetero-only marriage is needed to support "government's legitamite interest in fostering procreation". I thought hormones did that.

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** I had neglected to note that in recent weeks, a court in Iowa had affirmed the freedom to marry, but that was not the Iowa Supreme court. Marylan dhad started the same way too, with the initial decision happening at a lower level, supporting equal marriage. Indeed, the lower courts are more open to change (surprise, surprise Law 101). But at least I've got my New Jersey Supreme doing it right, (again, that is almost right)

Bit by bit...oye

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