Thursday, December 6, 2007

FDA Committee Gives Ineffective and Costly Breast Cancer Drug Thumbs Down

An FDA advisory committee has recommended that the drug Avastin, designed to treat a certain breast cancer, should not be marketed because of insufficient evidence of its benefits.

I got this news in my email from Breast Cancer Action. BCA is happy with this committee's decision because the the drug Avastin had little evidence for the prolonged survival of patients or improved quality of life.

The drug may or may not be useful, but their is no evidence, and the price isn't cheaper than other alternatives.

Genentech is the biotech company that owns Avastin. Specifically the FDA committee's decision was to deny Genentech's application to market this drug. How Genentech feels is anybody's guess, but I'm betting their pissed off.

Read the story here.

** Note: It's not the final decision of the entire FDA, only the decision of one of its committees. Final decisions are still to be made. Then its pizza time.

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