Monday, December 3, 2007

My Blog Debate: Exercise Complete

The whole shindig is in the 32 comments (and maybe more) below this article on the Republican debate.

The main event, is the back and forth between myself, screenname Harry834, and an anti-abortionist who is also anti-death penalty, and against the war in Iraq, and against the U.S. torturing prisoners. This man's screen name is AndyJ.

I think we both argued in civil tones, and any passionate anger shown was within reasonable limits. Towards the end, things got a little more heated, but given the strong views on the subject matter, I think it was all within bounds, regardless of what negative things were said. I was glad that Andy and I both shared a support for birth control.

I think that the big lesson is letting conversations and arguments on these topics happen, and never aiming to change the other person's view. You can't, at least probably speaking.

It was a spirited exchange, and I'm glad there were other participating. This site, RHReality, tackles many of the issues surrounding reproductive choice, and while the leaders of the site are all supporters of abortion rights, like myself, the commenters who come will be of every different opinion possible. The site is created and run by pro-choicers, but pro-lifers have made several comments, and these discussions are allowed.

Of course, I'll say it again: individuals will more likely be more complex than the labels "pro-choice" and "pro-life" will suggest. More often, a single individual will be "pro-choice" in some ways, and "pro-life" in another - and will use neither label to describe herself/himself.

I'm joyful to be pro-choice, but to also test my argument skills in a comfortable forum like the internet. And these discussions are proof that civil dialogue is possible on this world web, which is often a mess of trojan horses, cyber-bullying, and solicitations.

Enjoy the site, and enjoy this article,

The article topic: if abortion is murder, how will criminal law treat women who get abortion?

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