Monday, December 3, 2007

South Asian Conservatism Leads to HIV Stigma

I've often thought fearfully about the conservative elements of South Asian culture. The attempts to hide human realities in order to look "like a good Indian/Sri Lankan". Here, an RH Reality author Deepali Gaur Singh writes about how conservative Indian worldviews are worsening the AIDS crisis in India.

And watch on this article how conservative South Asian commentator, B. Sathish Kumar gives wildly condemnations of the views of the article's author, Deepali Gaur Singh.

Ms. Gaur Singh supports comprehensive sexuality education for India's youth, and Mr. Kumar advises that kids should be afraid of sex: "The only way is to keep the children away from anything related to sex.They will have the fear and they will set themselves away from the bad situations."

Singh is right to support education, and Kumar is wrong to support fear (and dislike of working women).

Read Singh's intelligent plea, and Kumar's angry fears, right here.

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