Thursday, March 20, 2008

New "Shocking" Health Study Not So Shocking

Guess what emailed to my box...

"A happy marriage is good for your blood pressure, but a stressed one can be worse than being single, a preliminary study suggests.

That second finding is a surprise because prior studies have shown that married people tend to be healthier than singles, said researcher Julianne Holt-Lunstad.

I guess this means we can stop deluding ourselves that having a partner or spouse is necessarily better than being single.

Those that disagree warn about the danger of being "alone forever", which is the gender-neutral way of calling someone an old maid.

"Alone forever?" My bigger concern is whether I'll be "alive forever", and being alive means doing what you want no matter what others think you should do. There will always be rudimentary obligations - earn a paycheck, finish school, contribute financially and emotionally to your family and roomates - but other than that, just do whatever you fuking feel like.

That is the truth to living forever, even with biological limits.

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