Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Should women who get an abortion go to prison for murder?

One pro-lifer thinks so. I don't know her gender, so I'm just going to use the female pronoun just to avoid bias.

She is "rebelconservative". Her thoughts are in the first link, a long string of comments. She responds to each pro-choice commentator, so you'll have to scroll down till you see her response to Harry834 (that's me.)

Here, scroll down to Harry 834.

it's under the responses to Sarah Selzter, Janine, and Amie Newman.

Rebel conservative says:

"Harry834 -
How long should a woman serve for murdering her child?
That would depend entirely on the details of the case, but there could be grounds for the charge could be reduced to manslaughter, on the grounds of diminished capacity. But she should face jail time, otherwise, it is would be like a guy who murders his parents pleading for leniency because he is an orphan.

A more important question to ask, is how long should the person who carries out the abortion serve?
In my opinion, life. They knowingly commited an act with callous and cold disregard, it is pre-meditated murder - often for profit. They do not have the same feelings of perhaps being overwhelmed/scared etc that the mother does, there is no excuse."

You can also see my response to her response.


Anonymous said...

Hi Harry, for some reason, when I go to the site, it seems that my post was removed and so, I guess, was your reply. If you could post it here, I would be glad to respond :)

p.s. - Some shameless self-promotion... I just started my own blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Harry, I went back to the site and there is a jump from the 15th to the 20th. My post and several others, have been removed. I don't see them there anymore.

However, I posted my views on my blog, I would really appreciate it if you could respond there, as I am interested to read your response.