Thursday, April 3, 2008

Our Main Lesson From the Sally Kern Affair

Pam Spaulding predicts that Oklahoma will "turn back to normal", but that we should remember:

Lesson 1: KNOW your legislators and make sure they know you.

This entire controversy began because Kern gave a speech saying things she claimed were backed up with facts.

As it turns out, her statements were not backed up with facts, but anecdotes and lies she gleaned from anti-gay industry studies and propaganda films.

So the question is just how many Sally Kerns exist in legislatures across the country? I don't mean people who have a belief that homosexuality is a sin.

I mean legislators who are not only plugged into the anti-gay industry's web of lies but are willing to pass them along as fact.

And are willing to pass legislation that will harm the well-being of lgbts.

Lesson 2: All politics is local

In Florida, Ronda Storms is doing all she can to make sure that lgbts cannot adopt children,

In Utah, Chris Buttars tried to ban GSAs in public schools,

In Tennessee, Stacey Campfield tried to pass legislation to keep public schools from even mentioning lgbts.

It is imperative that we get to know our local elected officials because despite what is said, things like that DO matter.

** The text under each Lesson was copied from this Pam Spaulding's blog post.

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