Friday, April 11, 2008

On the list of things that could harm a woman's psychological health, I list....

Making choices because others (family, friends, boyfriends, magazine advice columnists) are pressuring her,

Having a baby when she's not ready and willing,

Believing that being a mother means she has no right to consider her own needs,

Being denied a job because she is a mother,

Being rejected by family or fellow church members because she had an abortion

Being raped

All the above risks to a woman's mental health are not the woman's fault. They are the fault of the people who reject or violate her.

If I wanted I could generate a list of examples which are the woman's fault such as doing drugs or forgetting to get up for work (the kind of stuff that any gender does)

But I will avoid talking about those, because I want to put the spotlight on the guilty people who usually never acknowledge their actions.

And speaking of guilty people, let's look at one example of something which does not cause psychological damage:

having sex before marriage

How many of you readers out there have had sex? Are you married?

And yet, there are college clubs that insist that having pre-marital sex harms women, even if they choose it.

Watch the debate in the comment section on this blog by Amanda Marcotte.

Check out the responses of:
The Watcher,

and yours truly, Harry834,

Some of the "anonymous" folks are also defending the right to have sex.

So if you have sex without marriage, and you don't think someone should stop you ("for your own good"), read the blog and comments!

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