Sunday, April 13, 2008

Remember the show "Heroes"? It's got online graphic novels

While we're waiting for the Heroes show to return (probably in fall), you can watch new episodes of a different kind.

They are online graphic novels. Literally its a video of a comic strip story. These are stories which don't necessarily include the main characters of the show, though they may be related to them

I just watched three episodes:

"A lesson in electricity" - the secret story of Ben Franklin's kite-in-the-storm experiment

"War Buddies" - a story of Mr Linderman (the healer) as a young man, home from war

"Secret of History" - how did the pharohs build the Egyptian pyramids? Was there an easier way for a man to build than depending on the strength of hundreds of slaves, taking 20 years? Was more than one man needed?

Pick an episode, and enjoy

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