Sunday, June 29, 2008

Having and eating our cake: A blogger explains why liberals can support death penalty

It's not an issue I fight for, but I am comfortable with the death penalty. My only ask is that the lethal injections are truly pain-free. Currently we're working on that.

And as far as nonhomicide crimes go, child rape, to me, is fine for the death penalty. I don't need to spare these monsters from a painless needle.

I think more liberals support the death penalty than they'd like to admit. More likely their like me, and don't think that fairly and properly convicted death rowmates warrant our saving graces in the same way that other minorities do: gays, women, racial minorities, undocumented, and even properly convicted prisoners facing the cruel and unusual punishments behind prison walls - including the evil of prison rape - all deserve more attention from liberals than murderers facing a painless needle.

There's a blogger, Jac, who thinks similarly.

** Special note: I don't think all homicide crimes should get the death sentence. I fully support the right of offenders to get adequate defense attorneys and to try to get lesser sentences where it is legally appropriate. In fact, I'd say it is our duty - regardless of views on death penalty - to ensure that every defendent gets adequate defense. If not, the inadequate defense is a fair rationale for lessening the sentence or even aquitting the defendent.

All the more reason why ALL of us have a stake in making sure the "other side" is properly prepared.

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