Monday, June 30, 2008

Note to Republicans: Yes, we all have extra-marital sex, but not as PSYCHOTIC and PERVERSE as you do

The anti-gay marriage amendment is being proposed once Senators Larry Craig and David Vitter - famous for the Republican legacy of bathroom sex and prostitution, respectively.

If we're going to spend millions of dollars on a health policy that tells Americans to stay chaste outside of marriage, we should ask the policy makers to follow their own prescription.

Or we can teach people that sex is as normal as any other human activity, and give people - including kids, who are maturing people - the information and tools to live a happy, healthy, safe, pleasurable, enjoyable, and well-adjusted sex life.

See the bold-print, Senators? That's for you.

So instead of the failed celibacy message, support the Responsible Education About Life Act (REAL) which would fund real, comprehensive sex education for America's growing kids.

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