Monday, August 18, 2008

Another pro-lifer supports jailtime for women who have abortions - plus life and death sentences

His name is Truth Returns on the RHReality Check article "Get Real! Should I visit a CPC?" Warning: you have to scroll down to the middle of the page to see the comment tiltled "I meant..." by Truth Returns. It is under the comments titled:
"truth returns" (my comment, Harry834),
"when the laws change" (his comment),
"as a beginning assumption" (my comment),
"I meant..."(his comment, from where I took the below quote)

I pasted his quote and added nothing. All brackets and quotation marks are his.

In all fairness, he does sound a bit reluctant:

Truth Returns: "Once the wool is taken away completely and the Surgeon General announces (as with cigarette smoking causing cancer) that Abortion is the killing/murder of an innocent and unique human being then "yes" I did mean what I said, "If our laws change to reflect the truth then "yes" they [women and anyone who helps them] would be incarcerated and charged with due process." If the punishment for murder is the Death Penalty in that particular state then I guess that is what it would be...
I am not really attached to the Death Penalty because I do believe that if we place the power and justice where it belongs we don't really have to worry about it."

Whereever power and justice belong, Mr Truth tries to get more comfortable in the next sentence:
"I just think that the Abortion topic is the most obvious heinous crime to ever be considered legal - close seconds are chattel slavery and forced abortion like in China - there are others but Abortion is by far the most evil."

So abortion is truly mass murder in his eyes...but the thought of punishing the murderers makes him uncomfortable. Maybe, Stalin and Hitler would have prefered opponents like Truth Returns.

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