Sunday, September 21, 2008

Amanda Marcotte, feminist extraordinaire

In the world of feminist and pro-choice blogging, Amanda Marcotte's style is becoming a pleaser.

She acknowledges that havving "hatred of women" involves more than the caricature of a Snively Whiplash tying a woman to the train tracks. Hating women means when YOU possess any belief or participate in any activity that takes away women's freedom, whether or not that was your conscious intention. If you believe abortion is murder, you might think that you have the highest respect for life, but Amanda will remind you that you have nothing but contempt for women, because you refuse to acknowledge their existence.

Think about it. Pro-lifers have said the only difference between "killing the unborn" and killing someone in a 7-11 store is the location of the murder. This statement clearly neglects the fact that the former "location" is a pregnant woman with human rights, including the right to self-determination, which is what the 7-11 store building - or any piece of architechture- does not have.

Unless we think that a pregnant woman has no more rights than a building or house, the location does matter, and women who have abortions are NOT committing murder.

Amanda's eloquent and well-articulated commentary can be found on:

her online video seies: (Reality Check Video scroll down a bit).

her weekly audio podacst: Reality Cast, available for free on iTunes.

her blog postings on RHReality Check and Pandagon.

And her new book: It's a Jungle Out There: The Feminist Survival Guide to Politically Inhospitable Environments

That's about as much as I can post without studying for my Biostat test Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!

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