Wednesday, November 5, 2008

95% reporting in CA, and cnn STILL hasn't called it

Seems the same numbers as last time:

Prop 8 - 52 Yes, 48 No

Prop 4 - 52 No, 48 Yes.

So we have a narrow lead on beating the parental notification initiative, and our opponent have a narrow lead in taking away marriage from gays.

And these same leads are similar ot the last post where 53 percent reported. Of course, I had checked it a couple times prior to now, but didn't post. At 63% and 69%, it was the same narrow leads.

For that matter Colorado (where the Human Life Amendment crashed 73 to 26) is still voting on whether to end affirmative action. 95% reporting, but its 50-50...

I have no position on affirmative action, but many of my friend might support it. It was banned in a couple of states last night. But it seems Colorado is fighting like wild.

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